Loss Prevention - Laid-up Vessel Reactivation Guide

31st October 2017

When a vessel has been laid-up the circumstances of the lay-up can be many and varied, depending on numerous factors including the type of vessel, it's age and condition, as well as the degree of lay-up, duration and location. When a vessel is reactivated from lay-up it is essential that careful attention is paid to all the various factors surrounding the lay-up of the individual vessel, so that it can be safely returned to service, thus ensuring a low likelihood of incidents and claims involving the vessel.

In order to assist Members in considering all of the factors which need to be addressed when reactivating a laid-up vessel, the Club has published a Laid-up Vessel Reactivation Guide. The publication contains general notes concerning the areas of a vessel which need to be addressed when undergoing reactivation, as well as a checklist detailing the technical and operational areas which should be inspected and actioned as may be necessary, as part of the process of bringing the vessel to a state of operational readiness. Given the wide range of circumstances under which a vessel can be laid-up, the guide is of a very general nature in order to be as widely applicable as possible.

Members requiring further guidance should contact the Loss Prevention department.

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