Wire Transfer Fraud

12th May 2016

The Club issued a NEWS item in January this year warning of the dangers of fraudulent attempts being made to defraud companies and individuals by attempting to change the beneficiary bank details for a payment, and of the risks of other types of “wire fraud”.

The Club continues to see and hear of such attempts. The subject has been widely discussed in the press and media and it must now be the exception for any firm not to have received e-mails asking it to pay fictitious invoices or to pay to an incorrect bank account.

We are also aware of one attempt where a Club contact has been asked to amend banking details held for this Club so that he would make payment to a fraudulent bank account. Luckily he was vigilant and checked with us. The West of England has not changed its banking arrangements and does not intend to do so. If you are in any doubt and intend to make payment to the Club, please check with us first.

We continue to warn all of our members, correspondents and other contacts to remain vigilant, and refer you to our NEWS item of 27th January 2016.

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