Head of Claims (CCC) - Job Description 

Department: Claims
Reports to: Group Head of Claims

Overall Role Purpose:

To lead and manage a Claims Team, providing a first-class claims service to Members for all classes of the Company’s business. To facilitate the fulfilment of the Company’s business objectives.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Managing the Claims Team by providing support and leadership to enable the team to deliver the best possible and appropriate service to the Club’s Members. Monitoring the team’s workload, allocating claims and effectively delegating tasks within the capability of individuals within the team to maximise efficiency.

  • Motivating and developing the team by demonstrating good leadership qualities through the use of management best practice and through the implementation of the Company’s Performance Management processes. To facilitate the development of individuals within the team in order to optimise their contributions to business objectives.
  • Contributing to the ongoing assessment of management of resource requirements within the team to meet the Company’s service standards.
  • Setting estimates on claims with prescribed authorities but exceeding the Claims Handlers’ and Claims Assistants’ authorities, approving payments and agreeing the strategy for resolution of such claims in strict accordance with the Company’s requirements which may vary from time to time.
  • Supporting the Claims Team with P&I claims in excess of Team Leader’s authority and actively reporting/monitoring those claims with the Claims Director(s).
  • In respect of FD&D claims within the team, maintaining effective liaison with the Deputy Director of FD&D claims and Claims Management, for example, where resource issues arise, multiple FD&D claim files are to be re-allocated and where new matters and/or Membership issues arise which have or may have an FD&D impact.
  • Taking a designated role in the Company’s business continuity plans.
  • Auditing the Claims Team claims files in accordance with the Company’s requirements.
  • Delivering reports to the Company’s Board and externally as may be required.
  • Attending and delivering both internal and external training seminars and programmes.

  • Writing articles for Club publications and outside publications on relevant P&I issues.

  • Disseminating information on people claims and risks to all offices.

  • Visiting Members, key stakeholders and service providers to enhance service delivery in accordance with the Club’s business guidelines and development objective

  • Building relationships with other Clubs, further helping day to day claims handling where other Clubs are involved, and obtaining useful information, sharing industry related information with other Club on mutual issues, and keeping abreast of developments impacting people claims.

  • Handling allocated claims and undertaking claims related tasks as requested in compliance with the Claims Department’s guidelines, including but not limited to the following:-

a) Cruise claims

1. Passenger claims:

2. Investigating incidents and advising Members on liability and quantum

3. Advising on ticket terms and booking conditions, taking advice from lawyers for each jurisdiction, particularly with regard to proper jurisdiction clauses.

4. Advising on limitation of liability within the applicable law.

5. Preparing risk assessments from claims, identifying risk trends and making recommendations.

6. Where specifically English cases, directly handling the claim from beginning to end.

7. Where solicitors are involved, compiling protocol responses, negotiating and settling or defending claims, only passing on to external lawyers if proceedings are filed

b) Crew claims:

1. Collating relevant documentation

2. Advising on liability and quantum based on crew contracts and local law of incident or nationality where relevant

c) General claims:

1. Advising Members on loss prevention

2. Carrying out Ship audits with regards to passenger and crew risks on board, checking Members’ procedures as far as P&I exposure concerned to ensure they are compliant with relevant law and regulations.

3. Regular visits on board to check safety aspects and make recommendations where necessary to mitigate and prevent accidents.

4. Overseeing crew in general, including checking crew contracts/CBAs with Members as relates to P&I risks ensuring that they are in order and compliant with MLC and relevant local laws.

5. Carrying out crew risk assessments and identify risk trends, advising and making recommendations to Members for Loss Prevention.

Providing optimal claims services to Members within designated authority levels and in conjunction with the Club’s other departments, including:

a. Assessing risk and liability through collecting, analysing and assimilating information

b. Providing advice or recommendations to Members on claims handling strategies in order to resolve the claim in the most cost effective and expedient manner

c. Liaising with Loss Prevention on accident trends on cruise ships and how to minimise

d. Liaising with Loss Prevention on crew issues and accident trends and how to minimise

e. Liaising with Loss Prevention on various issues e.g., manning agents, PEMEs

f. Liaising with the Underwriting team on crew contracts/CBAs, passenger and crew risks for new Members

g. Liaising with all departments and providing cross support as required to further the Club’s strategic objectives with both an internal and external focus

If you wish to be considered for this role, please email us your CV and salary expectations along with a brief summary of the role you would like to apply for.