Lead Data Analyst - Job Description 

Department: Information Services 
Reports to: Chief Information Officer 

Overall Role Purpose:

For all WEST owned it systems the post holder is accountable for:

  1. Delivery of data analysis and insight – support for analysis and reporting of key data for data intensive operations within the business
  2. Delivery of data roadmaps and data delivery approach
  3. Supporting the Enterprise Architects Data strategy to deliver management of all master data for IT applications and systems data – defining the entities and attributes that constitute the core data of WEST P&I.
  4. Supporting the Enterprise Architect in the running of the Data governance meetings and all other governance relating to Data and systems design of IT systems and interfaces. 

Key Responsibilities:

The post holder will work closely with the WEST Enterprise Architect to create, maintain and govern all aspects of WEST Data delivery against a company wide business data architecture. Note that none of these disciplines are in place so the port holder will be able to establish these from scratch. This is an integral and the first role in establishing a Data Analytics team as part of establishing a data and analytics capability at West. The detailed responsibilities include:

  • Delivery of data analysis and insight – support for analysis and reporting of key data for data intensive operations within the business .
  • Delivery of data roadmaps and data delivery approach by business line prioritising dashboards and insight that will give the greatest value to WEST overall.
  • Data Architecture Framework: define, develop, improve, and maintain the Data elements of the Enterprise Architecture Framework and its maturity.
  • Establish and maintain the WEST Data Governance Framework.
  • Create and maintain a company wide Data Repository
  • Define and disseminate a common source of ‘mastered’ and governed data
  • Create common standards of reporting and data tooling / analytic techniques
  • Develop a Data Strategy: in collaboration with the Enterprise Architec.
  • Implementation Planning: develop a Data Roadmap with the transitional phases defined. any such roadmap will need to be integrated and aligned to the overall WEST IT strategy and strategic roadmap
  • Data Governance: provide a framework and governance for the assurance of data quality and meeting of regulatory obligations relating to data in particular GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
  • Continuous Improvement: Ensure that data methods and reporting and analytical delivery continues to add value and deliver benefit.
  • Requirements Management: Ensure that evolving business requirements take into account the needs to align business application development with the data strategy

Attend the Technical Design authority (TDA) governance to represent all data solutions.

Review all designs (high level and low level) to ensure alignment with data principles, standards, policies, and roadmaps. This should cover –

1. Data Design - Does the design comply with the Data Architecture Principles and roadmaps

2. Data compliance – is all use in line with current regulations 

To be successful in this role the lead data analyst will need excellent technical and communication and influencing skills. They will work collaboratively across the organisation and work to balance the operational and financial constraints of technology provision with the expanding business requirements of automation and agility. As a small team the post holder will be called upon to perform all aspects of the role in all technologies and should be comfortable with the full range of data disciplines from application design support to data governance and strategy. They should stay up to date with all emerging trends in the IT industry. This is a fantastic first time role for a future Chief Data Officer. 

To perform any other duties as and when requested in connection with the business of the Club.

If you wish to be considered for this role, please email us your CV and salary expectations along with a brief summary of the role you would like to apply for.