Loss Prevention Officer - Surveys 

Department: Loss Prevention (Surveys)
Reports to: Surveys Manager

Overall Role Purpose:

To expand, manage and raise the profile of the Club’s loss prevention activities.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Work in close co-operation with, and under the supervision of, the Surveys Manager

2. Execute the Club’s condition survey programme by:

  • Liaising with Members, prospective members and/or their brokers, appointing and instructing external surveyors, monitoring surveys in progress, evaluating survey reports and advising the Underwriting Department whether cover should be offered, maintained, restricted, declined or terminated as appropriate.
  • Ensuring that any critical or sensitive issues arising from surveys are reported to the Global Head of Loss Prevention and relevant underwriter
  • Notifying Members, prospective members and/or their brokers of survey findings, providing them with an itemised list of deficiencies in need of rectification and informing them of any survey warranties imposed.
  • Monitoring outstanding survey warranties, contacting Members and/or their brokers for progress reports, arranging follow-up surveys as required and, once the follow-up survey has been completed, notifying all interested parties of the action taken thereafter.
  • Initiating surveys in response to claims caused by defects.
  • Identifying Members and/or vessels where the risks are believed to be increasing.
  • Inspecting vessels in person if required.
  • Identifying vessels prior to each renewal which, based on claims experience, third party reports and/or general concerns should be targeted for survey during the next policy year.
  • Carefully scrutinising survey invoices and, where necessary, withholding payment pending clarification and/or amendment.
  • Overseeing the operation of the condition surveys database.
  • Adhering strictly to Loss Prevention department procedures.
  • Dealing with urgent matters outside office hours, as necessary.

3. Provide the best possible service to Members, claims handlers, underwriting personnel and staff in other departments throughout the Club by;

  • Consulting with them as necessary and keeping them properly informed at all times.
  • Responding promptly to all queries including, but not limited to, the carriage of cargo, shipboard operations, technical issues, safety management, international regulations and related matters and updating the ticketing system accordingly
  • Monitoring regulatory and technical developments within the shipping industry.
  • Maintaining a dialogue with prominent organisations (e.g. IMO, classification societies, flag states, Intertanko, OCIMF, ICS, ISF);
  • Reporting information which may be of interest or value, or which may have an impact on claims.

4. Contribute towards the wider activities of the Loss Prevention department by;

  • Visiting Members, vessels and surveyors as required.
  • Proposing new loss prevention initiatives and preparing or contributing towards Loss Prevention Bulletins, Safety Alerts, website articles and publications.
  • Taking part in management appraisals, risk assessment exercises and/or loss prevention seminars.
  • Carrying out desk-top risk assessments of prospective members and making appropriate recommendations to Underwriters thereafter.
  • Proposing ways to improve departmental and inter-departmental efficiency
  • Checking Geollect alerts for possible sanctions breaking, when required.
  • Maintain orderly records by ensuring that:
  • Computerised survey records are updated promptly and accurately.
  • Surveyors’ fees are processed correctly and in a timely manner.
  • Contact details of Members, brokers, surveying companies, experts and consultants are updated to reflect any changes.
  • Advice given to Members is recorded for future reference.

6. Ensure Club and departmental service standards are fulfilled.

7. Perform any other duties as may be requested in connection with any other business of the Club.

If you wish to be considered for this role, please email us your CV and salary expectations along with a brief summary of the role you would like to apply for.