Loss Prevention 15 Jun, 2021

Risk Intelligence Reports

Simon Hodgkinson
Simon Hodgkinson
Global Head of Loss Prevention

The Club has signed an agreement with Risk Intelligence A/S; this will provide us with up to date information, giving us a complete picture of immediate, short- and medium-term security risks for coastal areas, ocean, and port threats. 

The analysis provided by Risk Intelligence focuses on insurgency, piracy, organised crime, activism, terrorism, military conflicts, and any interplay between these elements.

Risk Intelligence identifies where serious events arise and present an assessment of how significant the threat is in each area.

We believe that this will enhance our service to the Members by enabling us to provide up to date security risk information on request.

Risk Intelligence has kindly given the Club permission to host their Monthly Intelligence Reports on our website to give Members an up to date overview of the world situation. The Monthly Intelligence Reports will be added to the Risk Intelligence Reports section of the website once published.

Members requiring further guidance should contact the Loss Prevention department.