Loss Prevention 29 Sep, 2021

USA - Asian Gypsy Moth Mid-Season Update 2021

Emma Forbes-Gearey
Emma Forbes-Gearey
Loss Prevention Officer

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) released updated guidance regarding the Asian gypsy moth (AGM). Even though it is coming to the end of the AGM season, the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Agency (APHIS) has noticed that some foreign ports are not allowing AGM certification bodies aboard vessels due to local COVID-19 restrictions.

The USDA AGM September 2021 Notice states that vessels must be AGM free regardless of restrictions, even if they cannot obtain an AGM inspection pre-departure in Asia. If AGM is detected in U.S. ports, the vessel may be delayed or ordered to depart U.S. waters.

Furthermore, the USDA give instructions for when vessels are refused AGM inspections due to COVID-19, which are summarised below:

  • Written notice of refusal must be obtained
  • Another port should be considered to carry out inspections and obtain certification
  • Detailed self-inspections should be conducted en-route
  • APHIS should be informed before entering U.S. waters of the refusal

Members requiring further guidance or assistance should contact the Loss Prevention Department.