Notices to Members

No. 11 - West of England Web site

November 1999

Dear Sirs

West of England Web site

We would like to advise all Members and Correspondents that the West of England’s Web site can now be visited at www.westpandi.com.

It contains easily accessible general information about the West of England including contact details for the Managers and our worldwide network of correspondents, the Rules, West of England publications and financial information. Further enhancements are being prepared for future implementation.

For the convenience of both Members and Correspondents, home contact numbers can be accessed through the People & Offices page of the site by using the password that was distributed in the fax and email versions of this Notice.

The Managers would welcome any comments on this new communications channel. Please direct these to webmaster@westpandi.com.

Yours faithfully

The West of England Ship Owners
Insurance Services

(As Managers)

R P Hunter