Bills of Lading

West has assembled a library of resources dedicated to helping Members with matters involving Bills of Lading, including videos, claims guides and articles covering a wide variety of topics.

In this video we cover the functions of Bills of Lading including receipt, evidence of the contract of carriage and document of title.

An introduction to Bills of Lading

Watch our helpful introductory video which discusses the three functions of a Bill of Lading and common issues which can arise from the perspective of the contractual carrier.

Electronic Bills of Lading

The use of electronic Bills of Lading is becoming increasingly common in many shipping trades and the number of system providers continues to grow. West has produced guides and other information to help guide Members in this area.

In this video we cover delivery of cargo without original bills of lading: claims by banks, Letters of Indemnity and Electronic Bills of Lading.

For any questions regarding Electronic Bills of Lading please contact our expert Erin Walton.

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  • Bills Of Lading 03 Jul, 2019
    West P&I Bills of Lading Deck Cargo Clause

    Members are reminded that in order to ensure that liabilities for the carriage of cargo on deck fall within Club cover, the contract of carriage must contain an appropriate liberty or be endorsed with a suitable clause.