Notices to Members

No. 5 2009/2010 - Claims Department: Re-Organisation

June 2009

Dear Sirs


As part of continuing efforts to enhance the service the Club delivers to Members and following an internal review of resources the Managers have made a number of changes to the structure of the Claims Department.

Michael Kelleher is the Director in charge of the Claims Department with responsibility for claims handling in London and Piraeus. Michael works in liaison with CM Kwong, the Claims Director in our Hong Kong office, to oversee matters for our Far Eastern membership.

Tony Paulson is the Director with responsibility for Member relations and for maintaining standards of service delivery to Members especially in relation to claims. Tony is also taking on a new role as the Director responsible for the Club’s IT systems

David Comyns has been appointed to the new position of P&I Manager and Nicola Cox to the new position of FD&D Manager. In these roles they will oversee all the Club’s claims handling activities to ensure that a consistent approach is taken in all offices, that smaller claims are given appropriate attention and that all of the Club’s expertise is used as necessary in the larger cases. In David’s case he will continue to handle claims and provide advice to a number of the Members with whom he has had contact up till now.

Christopher South has also taken up a new role within the Club. He will continue to assist Members with the provision of advice and in the handling of specialist claims and will act as a liaison between the Claims and Underwriting Departments.

The structure of the Claims Department has been simplified by merging three of the old Claims Groups in London and the two in Hong Kong under new Claims Teams.

Groups 1, 2 and 3 in London have become Team 1, Group 4, Team 2 and Group 5, Team 3. The 2 Groups in Hong Kong (7 and 8) are now a single team. For ease of reference attached is a summary which includes the Hong Kong and Piraeus teams.

It is intended that these new Teams will allow for greater flexibility in the handling of claims and the provision of advice. Contact details for the Team Leaders and individual claims handlers can be found on the Club’s website or in the Rule Book or List of Correspondents.

In addition Claims Assistants have been trained to provide support to claims handlers in some of the more routine aspects of claims handling.

Finally, after 16 years with the West of England, the last four as a Claims Director, Patrick Kirkman will be leaving the Club this July. The Managers wish Patrick well for the future and thank him for his years of service to the Club.

If you have any questions about these changes please contact either Michael Kelleher or Tony Paulson.

Yours faithfully

For: West of England Insurance Services (Luxembourg) SA
(As Managers)

M R Stevenson
Chief Operating Officer


Claims Management

Michael Kelleher
Tony Paulson
David Comyns – Class 1
Nicola Cox – Class 2
Chris South – Specialist Claims

Hong Kong Office

C M Kwong - Director
Quentin Drew – Deputy Director
Fiona Emmerson – Team Leader
Elaine Chan
Cecilia Chau
Kevin Chan
Anna Mok
Kathleen Kwok
Wendy Lau
Shirley Wong
Wayne Tsang

Greek Office

Anna Kountouriotou
Dimitra Dandolos
Tim Davies
Eugenia Bourogiannopoulos
Aliki Gotsi – Claims Assistant
Laura Grammatikou – Claims Assistant
Marianne Pantelakis – Claims Assistant

London  - Team 1

Chris Wheelhouse – Team Leader
John Atkinson
Michael Cox
Stasha Hart
Peter Newell
Nikolay Nikolov
Justin Wood
Victoria Jackson
Andy Macrow
Sarah Sullivan
Diana Shearer
Carole Corrigan – Claims Assistant
Kay Matthews – Claims Assistant

London - Team 2

Jonathan Kefford – Team Leader
Sharon Stobart
Lynne Crossey
Chris Edwards
Sarah Twigger
Rachel Baker – Claims Assistant

London - Team 3

Ian Clarke – Team Leader
Elli Gavrielides
Anne-Maree Behm
Joelle Rialland
Tim Smith
Monica Lambrou-Whiting
Alan Goulding – Claims Assistant
Tracy Suckling – Claims Assistant