Piracy - kidnap and ransom insurance

Liabilities and losses arising from piracy fall within the scope of the Club’s normal P&I cover in the same way as other P&I risks. However, except in cases where its excess war risk P&I cover might respond, Club cover is subject to a number of important exclusions, including terrorism risks and losses or liabilities arising from the use of weapons of war and chemical, biochemical, biological and electromagnetic weapons. Similarly, ransom payments may only be covered by the Club either on a discretionary basis or in the limited circumstances where they are paid solely to avoid or reduce a P&I risk or are a general average expense which is not recoverable from cargo interests because of a breach of the contract of carriage.

Kidnap and Ransom cover is however available in the market from a number of sources for a range of risks arising from piracy which are not covered by the Club, or only covered on a discretionary basis, or by usual hull and war risk insurance policies. The kidnap and ransom cover includes ransom payments and expenses associated with arranging for a vessel and its crew to be released as well as loss of use of the vessel and personal accident cover.