Claims Handler

Department: Claims
Reports to: Head of Claims

Overall Role Purpose:

To provide effective claims handling and advice to Members in accordance with the Claims Department’s guidelines and procedures.

Key Responsibilities:

1) To handle allocated claims and related tasks as requested in compliance with the Claims Department’s guidelines to provide optimal claims services to the Club’s Members within designated authority levels including:

  • assessing risk and liability through collecting, analysing and assimilating information
  • providing advice or recommendations to Members, on claims handling strategy to resolve the claim in the most cost effective and expedient manner
  • raising estimates, processing payments and reimbursements and liaising with the FDD deputy director in FDD cases
  • maintaining regular reviews of claims and estimates strictly in accordance with the company’s requirements which may vary from time to time.
  • maintaining appropriate diary review in respect of time bars and key dates

For FDD claims, assessing whether cases are covered and should be supported, monitoring likely costs, requesting budgetary support and, in the event of any issue/s arising, liaising with the team leader and the FDD deputy director

2) Supporting the Club’s knowledge management practices by disseminating relevant information and data to the Team Leader and other Departments as appropriate

3) General administration and organisation including orderly document management of both electrical and paper files to ensure ready accessibility in accordance with the company’s requirements and in view of business continuity planning, and to accord with good health and safety practice

4) Providing guidance, supervision and training to other employees and third parties as required

5) Monitoring the Members’ claims performance and fleet development and advising the Team Leader, the Underwriting Department and others as appropriate

6) Visiting Members and other as directed to maintain strong relationships with key stakeholders and service providers to enhance service delivery in accordance with the Club’s business development objectives

7) Attending both internal and external training seminars and programmes as required

8) To liaise with the Team Leader, Claims Handlers, the FDD Deputy Director (for FDD claims) and other Departments as appropriate and as may be required from time to time.

If you wish to be considered for this role, please email us your CV and salary expectations along with a brief summary of the role you would like to apply for.