News 17 May, 2021

West of England Bunker Fuel Quality Advisory Service - Upgraded

Dmitry Kisil
Dmitry Kisil
Senior Loss Prevention Officer

We are pleased to announce that the bunker information section within the Club's global information portal Neptune has been upgraded to incorporate expanded Veritas Petroleum Services (VPS) data content.

Exclusively available only to current West Members and their brokers, the fuel quality advisory service delivered in cooperation with VPS – a market leader in marine fuel testing, data and intelligence services – was launched in October 2020 and announced in our news article of December 2020.

Off-specification statistics from the ten main bunkering ports (by volume) are available on Neptune with more comprehensive statistical information through a customised VPS platform accessible to Members through the Club's Loss Prevention Department.

Since its implementation, the Club has worked in partnership with VPS to develop this resource to the next level. As a result, Neptune now provides access to bunker quality statistics collected by VPS, including the vast majority of parameters for residual and distillate marine fuels against ISO 8217 International Standard.


The bunker information section within Neptune has been upgraded to accommodate this helpful new data and extra features added to further enhance the user experience.

As well as an enhanced visual representation of statistical figures, the user can now filter out fuel grades to access only relevant data required. The filtering by text feature of the VPS Bunker Alerts also now facilitates a better search functionality throughout this useful resource.

Up-to-date bunker quality information is a valuable commodity for commercial and technical departments and the bunker information statistics posted on Neptune are updated every two weeks, with the VPS Bunker Alerts posted immediately upon receipt.

In addition to the bunker information service, Neptune also provides a wealth of information and data about all aspects of ports and maritime trading areas to help Members with their voyage planning and execution. Further details including an introductory video on Neptune’s features and how to register for access to the system can be found on the About Neptune page.

To obtain additional information on Neptune’s bunker information section please contact the Loss Prevention Department