News 24 Jun, 2014

Ukraine - New Legislation Affecting Vessels Arriving from Ports in Crimea

Club correspondents Dias Marine Consulting PC, Odessa have reported that the Ukrainian government has enacted new legislation regarding the Crimean region which it considers to be temporarily occupied territory.

The new legislation affects vessels which intend to visit a port in Crimea and call at a Ukrainian port thereafter. The precise administrative requirements for performing such a voyage are unclear at present, but it is thought that shipping companies may need to apply for permission from the Ukrainian authorities beforehand.

The possible penalties for failing to comply with the new legislation appear to be wide ranging and include confiscation of the vessel and detention. Moreover, crewmembers may be fined and banned from entering the Ukraine and sent back to Crimea or their home country. In extreme cases crewmembers may be imprisoned for up to three years.

Members contemplating voyages that will involve a vessel proceeding to Ukraine after calling at a port in Crimea are advised to check with their Ukrainian port agent to determine what steps they should take to ensure that no difficulties are encountered.

Further details can be found in the following article on the Dias website: Problems of Shipping Between Ukraine and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. Members requiring further guidance should contact the Loss Prevention department.