News 18 Feb, 2014

Chevron’s Bayou Casotte Terminal - Access Problems

Access problems at the petroleum coke facility at Chevron’s Bayou Casotte terminal in Pascagoula, Mississippi.

We are grateful to Maynard Cooper & Gale in Mobile, Alabama for the following advice:

In recent instances in which there have been issues with the quality/specifications or the quantity of the cargo of pet coke being loaded at this facility, or involving damage to the vessel while at the terminal, Chevron has not allowed third party maritime surveyors access to the terminal.  This means that Members will be unable to obtain the first hand assistance of maritime surveyors to consult on issues of quality/specifications and nor will maritime surveyors be permitted access to the terminal to conduct a draft survey for Members. 

In these instances the Master is advised to tender a Letter of Protest to the terminal stating that the vessel will not be responsible for the quality or quantity (as the case may be) of the cargo due to the fact that the terminal has denied access to the vessel’s independent maritime surveyor.

In fact, there is only one ship’s agency that Chevron will allow on the premises.  It is also our understanding that P&I correspondents and other third party consultants for the vessel will not be granted access to the pet coke terminal. 

It may be possible to hire a private launch to transport third parties to the outboard side of the vessel so that they can board and conduct appropriate business on the vessel.  However, it is not known if Chevron would approve of such access and the consequences are therefore unpredictable.

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