Loss Prevention 11 Apr, 2022

New Learn the Ropes Loss Prevention Video Published

Mark Dunbar
Mark Dunbar
Surveys Manager

A new video has been added to the Club's recently released LEARN THE ROPES video series, which deals with how to obtain correct gas measurements when carrying coal.

Coal may self-heat or emit significant amounts of methane, and occasionally, it may do both. Incorrect ventilation can lead to cargo fire or cargo explosion. Therefore, when carrying coal cargoes, it is vital to obtain accurate gas measurements to determine the correct ventilation requirements. Whilst this may appear straightforward, the Club’s experience is that these measurements are often not taken correctly.

The new video “Gas Measurement of Coal Cargoes” shows the correct measurement procedure to be followed, including using a splitter when appropriate.

The video is available to view through the Club's video page or West P&I YouTube® Channel. A digital copy of the video may be obtained by contacting the Loss Prevention Department.