Loss Prevention 01 Apr, 2022

VPS Bunker Alert 08-2022 VPS identifies a major bunker fuel contamination crisis

Dmitry Kisil
Dmitry Kisil
Senior Loss Prevention Officer

For full details on the bunker fuel contamination crisis go to West's Neptune portal.

On the 11th of March 2022 VPS published its Bunker Alert 05-2022 Chlorinated hydrocarbons in Singapore advising that over the course of February-March 2022, VPS identified 34 vessels which received HSFO deliveries from two Singapore suppliers, which were contaminated. In Bunker Alert 08-2022 VPS informs that so far almost half of these vessels experienced failure of the fuel system to the auxiliary engines resulting in loss of power and propulsion creating a blackout.

Members are advised to access the full text of the VPS Bunker Alerts at West’s information portal Neptune via Bunker Info tab / VPS Port Alerts.