China 03 Apr, 2023

China - Guangxi MSA Announces New Shipping Routes for the Beibu Gulf

Dean Crossley
Dean Crossley
Loss Prevention Manager

Guangxi MSA, the Maritime Safety Administration of Guangxi Province in China, has recently announced the implementation of the planned optimisation and adjustment to the shipping routes along the coast of Beibu Gulf, which came into effect on 10 March 2023. The changes aim to enhance the safety and efficiency of shipping operations in the area, an important hub for international trade.

The Beibu Gulf, also known as the Gulf of Tonkin, is a body of water located on the southwestern coast of China. It borders Guangxi province, Guangdong province to the east, and Vietnam to the west. The gulf is a vital transportation route for dry cargo ships, tankers, and other vessels, with several ports and terminals situated along its coast.

The Guangxi MSA has identified several critical areas in the Beibu Gulf where the shipping routes have been optimised and adjusted. These consist of five primary and sixteen branch routes, including the approaches to the fairways within Qinzhou Bay, Fangchenggang Bay, Beihai Gang Bay, and Teishan Gang Bay and transits between Beibu Gulf ports and Southeast Asian countries and Hainan Island. The details of the new shipping routes can be seen in a PRC P&I correspondent, Shanghai P&I Services, Circular No.: SPI230301 of 31 March 2023.

One of the main reasons for the adjustment of shipping routes is the steady increase in vessel traffic in the Beibu Gulf in recent years. With the continued development of the Chinese economy and the regional growth of international trade, more and more cargo ships are passing through the gulf resulting in congestion in some areas and making it difficult for vessels to navigate safely and efficiently.


By optimising and adjusting shipping routes, the Guangxi MSA hopes to improve the flow of maritime traffic in the Beibu Gulf and reduce the risk of collisions and other maritime accidents. The new routes will also help to minimise the impact of shipping on the environment by avoiding sensitive areas such as coral reefs and marine protected areas.

The announcement by Guangxi MSA shows a positive recognition and proactive stance toward the importance of the region's safe and efficient transportation routes. The new measures will help to ensure that the Beibu Gulf remains a key hub for international trade while also protecting the marine environment and ensuring the safety of all vessels operating in the area.

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