Loss Prevention 22 Apr, 2024

New REACT! Loss Prevention Poster Published on Appendicitis

Emma Forbes-Gearey
Emma Forbes-Gearey
Loss Prevention Officer

The Club has added a new poster to the REACT! Series. The poster was created because of an increasing incidence of cases whereby seafarers who had appendicitis misdiagnosed the symptoms, believing it to be purely abdominal pains.

The poster addresses the signs, symptoms and emergency treatment for a crew member suffering from appendicitis. Acute appendicitis is most common among people between 10 and 35 years of age. It is a medical emergency. If the appendix is not removed as quickly as possible, it is likely to burst and cause a serious, deadly infection. Therefore, spotting the signs and symptoms is crucial.

Members entered vessels can obtain the digital copy by contacting the Loss Prevention Department or downloading PDF files from the Club's resources page.

Download PDF here: