News 07 Aug, 2020

Beirut explosion

Enam Hussain
Enam Hussain
Head of Claims (Eastern team) & Deputy Head of Product Development

As Members will be aware, a severe explosion occurred in the Port of Beirut on Tuesday 4 August, in a warehouse reportedly dedicated for IMGD cargoes and said to involve ammonium nitrate.

We are first and foremost pleased and relieved to report that the staff of the Club’s local correspondent Maurice G Mouracade & Co. and lawyers Baroudi & Associates are safe and able to work remotely. The Club’s thoughts are obviously with them and the people of Lebanon at this tragic time.

The port is currently off limits due to the ongoing investigation and debris removal. Most if not all of the logistical infrastructure of Beirut port has been destroyed and it is anticipated that the port operations in this area will be severely restricted for some time to come, probably weeks or months.

Whilst Beirut port remains closed vessels are being diverted to Tripoli for cargo operations. Members should check with their local agents regarding customs clearance but the Club is advised that no issues are anticipated with customs formalities where bills of lading for cargoes currently in transit show Beirut as the intended destination.

Members with any questions regard the situation in Lebanon should contact the Managers.