News 17 Jun, 2020

California Air Resources Board Maintaining at Berth Regulations


The South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) Rule 1142 relating to gaseous leaks from tank vessels will continue to be enforced despite the Coronavirus pandemic.

The South Coast AQMD issued an Advisory Notice on 15 April 2020, whereby they outline temporary relief from certain administrative requirements. However, this is only by way of a 60-day extension to non-emission requirements. An owner must submit extension requests for testing, certification and report submission deadlines deemed administrative in nature.

AQMD Rule 1142 (Marine Tank Vessels) requires all hatches, pressure relief valves, connections, gauging ports, vents, and other equipment associated with loading, lightering, ballasting or housekeeping to be maintained leak free.

The Peacock Piper Tong & Voss alert on the South Coast Air Quality Management District rule and advisory can be accessed here.