News 07 Feb, 2020

Carriage of Bauxite which may Liquefy - Update

Mark Dunbar
Mark Dunbar
Surveys Manager

Members are reminded of the current regulatory position regarding the carriage of bauxite in bulk.

Further to our News Item of 22 September 2017, Members are advised that the 2020 edition of the IMSBC Code (including amendment 05-19) has now been published. With effect from 1st January 2020, amendment 05-19 may be applied by Governments on a voluntary basis but with effect from 1st January 2021 it will enter into mandatory force. It is important to recognise that in the period 1st January 2020 – 31st December 2020 the 2018 edition of the IMSBC (including amendment 04-17) is the mandatory instrument in jurisdictions where the 2020 edition has not been voluntarily adopted. Members should also note the contents of circular CCC.1/Circ.2/Rev.1 dated 20 September 2017 in respect of the carriage of bauxite under the provisions of the 2018 edition of the IMSBC code.

Amendment 05-19 includes two schedules for bauxite:

  • A revised BAUXITE schedule where the cargo is Group C
  • A new BAUXITE FINES schedule where the cargo is Group A

The two schedules are primarily based on a Particle Size Distribution (PSD) criteria, although drainage properties also come into consideration. The new schedules can be found within IMO Resolution MSC.462(101) – Amendments 05-19 – Consolidated version of the IMSBC Code.

If the government in the country of origin where the cargo is to be loaded, and / or the vessel’s flag state have not decided to adopt amendment 05-19 on a voluntary basis then, under the revised circular CCC.1/Circ.2/Rev.1, Group A bauxite cargoes shall be carried as a section 1.3 cargo (i.e. cargo that is not listed in the IMSBC Code) and it is recommended that the carriage requirements of the new BAUXITE FINES schedule incorporated within the 2020 edition of the IMSBC Code which includes amendment 05-19 be used.

Members requiring further guidance or assistance should contact the Loss Prevention department.