News 29 Jul, 2020

Senegal - Intensification of Border Controls and Customs Regulations at Dakar

Mark Dunbar
Mark Dunbar
Surveys Manager

Further to previous notifications in April 2012 , April 2014, and March 2019, the Club has been notified by local correspondent, Budd Senegal, of further enhanced customs checks and tightened border controls being carried out by the authorities.  

The grounds on which customs fines are levied are becoming more complex and precarious, with fines themselves often being set at hundreds of thousands of dollars and detentions being used to guarantee payment.

Similarly, Budd advises that Senegalese Immigration Services are being fastidious in respect to passports and seamen’s books, which need to be totally accurate, up to date, and signed where appropriate. 

The advice issued by Budd Senegal may be seen here Senegal Steps Up Immigration Customs and sets out details of the issues being faced along with recommendations to avoid falling foul of customs and/or immigration authorities.

Members requiring further guidance should contact their usual claims team or the Loss Prevention department.