News 09 Sep, 2016

Argentina – Supernumeraries not in Possession of a Visa

Correspondents Pandi Liquidadores, Buenos Aires have advised the Club of the introduction of new procedures by the Argentinian Migration Authorities for the processing of supernumeraries onboard vessels that are not in possession of a visa.

Previously when a supernumerary did not possess a visa they were not permitted to disembark from the vessel. However, according to the authorities there have been instances where such persons have entered the country in order to proceed to the airport for repatriation without permission from the migration authorities. Due to the apparent repeated transgressions of the existing regulations the migration authorities in San Lorenzo and Rosario have introduced robust new requirements for supernumeraries not in possession of a valid visa. 

When a supernumerary is not in possession of a valid visa, one or more Coast Guard personnel will be placed onboard the vessel for the duration of the vessel’s visit, to prevent the supernumerary proceeding ashore. With the cost of a Coast Guard escort for one four hour shift being around USD 45, coupled with a fee in the region of USD 950 for a launch to change the personnel every eight hours on a vessel at anchor, it can be seen that considerable costs can be incurred, in addition to any fine imposed by the authorities on the vessel. In a recent case involving an entered vessel, an invoice for over five thousand Dollars was presented to the vessel’s local agent after the Master’s and Chief Officer’s wives were found to not possess a visa on arrival in San Lorenzo and the Coast Guard placed escorts onboard the vessel for the duration of her stay.

Details of the visa requirements by nationality for Argentina can be found on the Argentina entry requirements webpage. Where supernumeraries that require a visa in order to enter Argentina are on a vessel which is scheduled to call at Argentinian ports, it is recommended that they obtain a visa at the earliest opportunity.

Members requiring further information should contact the Loss Prevention department.