News 14 Jun, 2019

Attacks on Shipping in the Gulf of Oman

Two tankers were attacked in the morning hours of 13 June 2019, in international waters just east of the Strait of Hormuz. This follows attacks on four ships offshore Fujairah on 12 May 2019.

BIMCO has issued the following advice:

Members are advised to exercise extreme caution and instruct their vessels to take precautions as described below when operating in the area. Depending on the risk acceptance levels of the company, and to the extend operations allow, it could be considered to instruct ships to avoid the area or keep as much distance as possible.

Ships operating in the area should take following precautions:

  • Continue to follow the registration and reporting procedures described in chart Q6099 and BMP 5.
  • Report security incidents including suspicious behaviour to UK MTO, MSCHOA and CMF. Details are found in BMP5.
  • Increase vigilance of ship’s crew e.g. by stepping up on lookouts and security patrols, keep VHF radio watch and maintain dialogue with port authorities.
  • When operating in the listed areas, implement security measures equivalent to ISPS Security Level 2.
  • Consider improving the watertight integrity of the hull by closing selected doors and hatches.
  • Consider ensuring that crew sleeping areas are located above the waterline.
  • Consider the wide range of additional self-protection measures as described in ATP-02.1 Naval Cooperation and Guidance for Shipping, which can be found on the joint industry security website.
  • Maintain close dialogue with insurance providers.

Additionally INTERTANKO/OCIMF issued a press release following the attacks of Fujairah which also gives some guidance on risk mitigation measures.

NATO Naval Cooperation and Guidance for Shipping (NCAGS) – Guide To Owners, Operators, Masters And Officers also has useful information and advice – in particular Chapter 4 deals with the types of threat and Protective Measures and Self-Protective Measures.

Club cover remains in place for all vessels trading in that area although Members are reminded that there is no cover for liabilities arising out of acts of war or terrorism (for details please see Rule 14 of our Class I Rules).

Members requiring further guidance should contact their usual claims team or the Loss Prevention department.