News 23 Jan, 2015

BIMCO - New Asian Gypsy Moth Clause for Time Charter Parties

The Asian Gypsy Moth is a destructive forest pest found in the Far East where there is a risk of vessels being infested with the moth’s larvae during the female moth’s flight season. A number of countries that are not infested have in place strict requirements with regard to vessels that have called at ports in the Asian Gypsy Moth area during the flight season to prevent the introduction of the pest. If a vessel and/or her cargo are found to be infested upon arrival, delays and additional costs may be expected while the vessel is cleaned and declared free of Asian Gypsy Moth.

In order to protect shipowners’ and time charterers’ interests, BIMCO has drafted and published, with the assistance of various BIMCO members including the West of England, a new clause for time charter parties to address this particular issue. Further details including the text of the clause can be found in BIMCO’s Special Circular – BIMCO Asian Gypsy Moth Clause for Time Charter Parties.

Members negotiating new time charter parties may wish to incorporate this clause into the terms.

Further details on the Asian Gypsy Moth can be found in the Club’s Loss Prevention Bulletin – Asian Gypsy Moth.