News 25 Jan, 2011

Brazil - Immigration Fines in Recife and Suape - Update

Further to our news article of 17 January 2011 concerning the issuance of immigration fines in Recife and Suape, the Club’s correspondent Williams Brothers Ltda., Recife has now advised that the immigration authorities in Recife and Suape have been instructed to suspend the issuance of fines until the Federal authorities in Brasilia have reviewed the situation. In the meantime, vessels that call at either Recife or Suape with seafarers onboard who are not in possession of seaman’s books issued by countries that have ratified ILO conventions No. 108 or No. 185 and lack a valid Brazilian visa in their passports, will not be fined. Where fines have been issued and a defence has been submitted, judgement will be suspended.

If Members require any further guidance they should contact the Loss Prevention Department.