News 22 Jun, 2017

Brazil - Inspection of Vessels of 18 or More Years of Age

Club Correspondents, Brazil P&I, Santos, have advised that a new inspection requirement in Brazilian ports has been introduced, following a number of recent casualties involving bulk carriers.

All vessels of 18 or more years of age that are to load a cargo with a density of 1.78 t/m3 or greater, e.g. iron ore, are to be subject to an inspection upon arrival prior to loading commencing. Foreign flagged vessels will be inspected by Port State Control, with the requirement extending to Brazilian flagged vessels which will be inspected by Flag State surveyors.

The requirement for the foregoing inspection is in addition to the annual mandatory condition survey that is to be conducted on bulk carriers, Oil/Ore (OOs) and Oil/Bulk/Ore (OBOs) of 18 or more years of age, as detailed in NORMAM 04, Chapter 3.

Members requiring further guidance should contact the Loss Prevention department.