News 05 May, 2010

Brazil - Oil Transfers Between Vessels Within Port Limits

Brazil - Oil Transfers Between Vessels Within Port Limits

Club correspondents Pandibra-McLintock Services Ltda., Santos, advise that according to Ordinance No. 32 issued by the Director of Ports and Coasts (DPC), Brazil, as from 1 July 2010 new procedures  must be followed when transferring oil between vessels within port areas, with the service provider being responsible for complying with the following requirements:

(1)  Before commencing oil transfer operations from one vessel to another, oil spill containment barriers must be placed in position around the vessels involved; or

(2)  A dedicated vessel equipped with sufficient oil spill containment barriers and manned with suitably qualified personnel stands by in order to respond to any oil spill incident during the operation.

In the case of a transfer of oil between vessels at anchor during the night, the requirements noted in (1) above shall apply.

In the event of any difficulty complying with the forthcoming requirements, the interested party should submit to the Harbour Master (CP), Delegate or Agency (DG/AG) of the local jurisdiction a viable alternative which provides the same level of oil spill containment capability as provided by items (1) and (2) above. If the CP/DL/AG deems it necessary, they may consult with the DPC concerning such alternative measures.
Members are advised to ensure that their vessels trading to Brazil are aware of the new requirements well in advance of 1 July 2010 and are suitably prepared.