News 05 Oct, 2011

Brazil - Withdrawal of Concession regarding the Transit of Filipino Seafarers through Brazilian Ports

Further to our news article of 26 September 2011 concerning “Brazil – Withdrawal of the Restriction on the Transit of Filipino Seafarers through Brazilian Ports”, Santos correspondent Brazil P&I has now advised that the Federal Police have withdrawn the concession that allowed the unrestricted movement of Filipino seafarers through Brazilian ports.

Members are therefore advised to follow the guidance contained in our news article dated 13 April 2011 “Brazil – Immigration Fines – Further Update” as all seafarers not in possession of a Seaman’s Book issued by a country that has ratified either ILO Convention No.108 or No.185 will need a valid Brazilian Visa in order to join or leave a vessel, or to proceed ashore.

Members requiring further guidance should contact the Loss Prevention department.