News 15 Mar, 2016

China - Mosquito Eradication Certificate for Vessels from Zika Virus Affected Areas

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The Club has been advised by Huatai Insurance Agency and Consultant Service Ltd. that the Chinese Inspection and Quarantine Bureau (CIQ) has introduced measures aimed at preventing the Zika virus from entering the country, as detailed in their Circulars: Chinese Quarantine Authorities Require Mosquito Eradication Certificate for Vessels from Zika Affected Areas and Follow-up Advice on Requirement of MEC for Vessels from Zika Affected Areas by Chinese Quarantine Authorities.

If a vessel has called at a port affected by the Zika virus and one or more crewmembers have subsequently developed symptoms such as fever, headaches, muscle pain, joint pain or a rash, this should be declared to the CIQ prior to arrival.

Before leaving a port where the Zika virus is known to exist, efforts should also be made to eliminate any mosquitoes that may be present and to obtain a mosquito eradication certificate from the local authorities. If this is not possible, the CIQ may order the eradication of any mosquitos that may be on board when the vessel arrives.

It is reported that this policy may vary between ports in China, and in some locations the CIQ may inspect the vessel for evidence of mosquitoes in lieu of a mosquito eradication certificate. However, to avoid the possibility of delay it is recommended that vessels visiting ports in Zika affected areas obtain, where possible, a mosquito eradication certificate from the authorities just prior to sailing for China.

Members requiring further guidance should contact the Loss Prevention department.