News 02 Jun, 2015

China – Pollution – Qianhe Group – Further Update

As reported in our News Items of 21st April 2015 and 5th May 2015, the Club has been made aware that the Qianhe Group, which provides pollution response or "SPRO" services in a number of ports in China, is said to be subject to certain investigations by the Customs authorities in China.

The following updated information is now available:

  • We understand that Qianhe SPRO's in the ports of Tianjin, Dalian, Qingdao, Shanghai, Xiamen and Shenzhen are currently unable to perform their SPRO functions and those Members currently contracted with any these SPROs will need to seek alternative SPRO cover when calling at those ports.
  • Those Members who are currently contracted with one of these Qianhe SPRO's who are not likely to visit their areas within the next 30 days may wish to terminate their agreements and seek new SPRO cover on a voyage-by-voyage basis
  • Alternatively, Members may wish to sign an agreement with Qianhe Ningbo on behalf of the affected Qianhe SPRO's regarding alternative arrangements.

The precise options open to each Member will depend on the terms of their individual contracts with Qianhe and before undertaking any action it is strongly recommended that Members take PRC legal advice. They may also contact the Club for assistance.

Members who have not contracted with Qianhe SPROs, their consortium or their agencies are not recommended to do so for the time being, given the uncertainty regarding the ability of Qianhe to respond.

Further developments will be reported as and when received.