News 04 Mar, 2011

Claims Department - Reorganisation of London Claims Teams

Following a review of resources, the Managers have adjusted the structure of the Claims Department in the London office to streamline and enhance the service the Club delivers to Members. Teams 3 and 4 in London have been merged into Team 3 under the leadership of Tony Paulson.

The Claims Department structure is summarised below and contact details for all of the Team Leaders and individual claims handlers can be found on the Club’s website or in the Rule Book or List of Correspondents.

If you have any questions about these changes please contact either Michael Kelleher or Tony Paulson.


Claims Department Structure

Claims Management

Michael Kelleher - Director
Tony Paulson - Director
Nicola Cox – FD&D
Chris South – Specialist Claims

Hong Kong Office

C M Kwong - Director
Quentin Drew – Deputy Director
Fiona Emmerson – Team Leader
Elaine Chan
Kevin Chan
Cecilia Chau
Kathleen Kwok
Wendy Lau
Anna Mok
Wayne Tsang
Shirley Wong

Greek Office

Ian Clarke - CEO
Dimitra Dandolos
Tim Davies
Eugenia Bourogiannopoulou

London - Team 1

Chris Wheelhouse – Team Leader
John Atkinson
Anwar Biswas
Michael Cox
Michaela Domijan-Arneri
Stasha Hart
Kay Matthews
Justin Wood

London - Team 2

Jonathan Kefford – Team Leader
Robert Crichton
Lynne Crossey
Monica Lambrou-Whiting
Maggie-Jo McGregor
Sharon Stobart

London - Team 3

Tony Paulson – Director
Amy Dominguez
Chris Edwards
Elli Gavrielides
Victoria Jackson
Andy Macrow
Tom Meadows
Nikolay Nikolov
Joelle Rialland
Peter Sandford
Diana Shearer