News 08 Sep, 2016

Contamination with GMO Cargo – What can be Done?

Instances of cargoes of agricultural products being rejected due to the presence of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) are on the increase. Problems for the carrier may arise due to traces of GMO crops being found in a subsequent cargo due to ineffective cargo hold cleaning, and the cargo is rejected at the discharge port, or where a cargo found to contain GMO remains onboard the vessel for an extended period before it is possible for it to be discharged, and the condition of the cargo begins to deteriorate.

In an article written by Dr. Tim Moss and Dr. Daniel Sheard of Brookes Bell “Contamination with GMO Cargo – What can be done?”, the science behind GMO crops is discussed, along with the ramifications of being found to have GMO contaminated cargo onboard, and the practical measures that can be taken to prevent a cargo becoming contaminated, and to prevent the spoilage of a cargo that has been rejected due to GMO contamination.

The Club would like to thank Dr. Tim Moss and Dr. Daniel Sheard of Brookes Bell for allowing the Club to reproduce their article.