Loss Prevention 13 Dec, 2023

New Learn the Ropes Loss Prevention Video Published

Simon Hodgkinson
Simon Hodgkinson
Global Head of Loss Prevention

A new video has been added to the Club's LEARN THE ROPES video series, developed in partnership with Astaara, highlights the significance of crew awareness regarding cyber risks and essential safety precautions. 

In the evolving landscape of maritime operations, electronic systems play an increasingly vital role in ensuring safety and efficiency. Cybersecurity and cyber safety are integral aspects of your safety management system. While it may be impossible to prevent all cyber-attacks, adopting various basic measures can significantly reduce the likelihood and impact of such incidents.

As ships embrace advanced technologies with interconnected systems, it is crucial to recognise that the security of your network is only as robust as its weakest link. Interacting with technology can lead to complacency, with individuals assuming that online activities are as secure as those conducted in person. Remaining vigilant and adhering to safety measures is essential in this technologically driven environment.

The video is available to view through the Club's video page or West P&I YouTube® Channel. A digital copy of the video may be obtained by contacting the Loss Prevention Department.