News 14 Mar, 2012

Egypt - Carriage of Weapons, Ammunition and Armed Guards - Further Update

Translations: Chinese Chinese 

The Club has been advised by Eldib Pandi, Alexandria of a further change in the requirements governing the carriage of weapons, ammunition and armed guards on vessels within Egyptian waters.

Following a recent Egyptian Ministry of Defence conference to discuss this issue, agents are now required to make a declaration 48 hours prior to arrival in the case of vessels which are due to call at Egyptian ports or transit the Suez Canal and have weapons, ammunition or armed guards on board. The agents are required to provide the Port Police, Military Intelligence, Coast Guard and Customs with a copy of the declaration. Also the Suez Canal Authority or the Port Authority, as applicable. The declaration shall include the following information:

  • Details of the weapons / ammunition on board including the number of weapons, their calibre and serial numbers as well as the quantity of ammunition
  • The nationalities of security personnel (armed guards)
  • Confirmation that the weapons and ammunition will be placed in a sealed box

If a vessel does not have weapons, ammunition and armed guards on board, the agent may require the Master to sign and stamp a form or statement to this effect.

The additional regulatory requirements as referred to in our earlier news article dated 22 February 2012 are also to be followed, and an updated free translation is reproduced below for guidance:

In the case of arms on board vessels calling at Egyptian Ports:

The Master should seal the weapons and issue a certificate in this respect to be presented to the pilot at the anchorage area. This certificate must include the Master’s declaration that he will deliver the weapons in a sealed box to the Port Police on completion of mooring operations after inspection by the Port Police. The box and weapons will be returned to the Master on departure.

In case of non-compliance, the vessel will not be allowed to enter the port with weapons on board.

In the case of arms on board vessels transiting the Suez Canal:

The Port Police and Military Police will take delivery of the weapons from vessels transiting the Suez Canal at the point of entry and will transport them inland for redelivery to the vessel when exiting the Suez Canal.

Should weapons be deployed aboard vessels during their stay in territorial waters, berthing in sea ports, waiting at inner or outer anchorages and / or transiting the Suez Canal, Masters will be held accountable in accordance with Egyptian Law, including detaining the ship / Master / persons carrying the arms without a permit and will be subjected to law No. 394 / 1954 (as amended) concerning the carriage of arms and ammunition and possession without a license. They will be referred to the competent general prosecution (parquet) pending a decision following issuance of an apprehension police report by the competent department.

Although the foregoing requirements are presently being enforced, further changes to the regulatory regime concerning the carriage of weapons, ammunition and armed guards in Egyptian waters cannot be ruled out.

Members requiring further guidance should contact the Loss Prevention department.