News 28 Apr, 2011

Egypt - Control of Import Cargoes as a Result of the Fukushima Incident in Japan

Club Correspondent Eldibpandi, Alexandria, have advised of the imposition of import controls on a number of commodities loaded in the Far East for discharge in Egypt.

Following the Fukushima nuclear incident the Egyptian Prime Minister has issued a decree suspending the import of the following commodities from Japan:

  • Food stuffs;
  • Plants;
  • Animal products;
  • Botanical products;
  • Ground and soil material;
  • Scrap metal;
  • Used car parts/spare parts.

All other cargoes originating in Japan are to undergo additional inspections and monitoring for radiation when the vessel arrives in Egypt. Imports of the aforementioned commodities loaded in countries in close proximity to Japan, namely North and South Korea, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong, are allowed. However, these products will also be monitored for the presence of radiation.

In practice, a vessel loaded with any of the cargoes in question will be instructed to anchor on arrival. A Radiation Department Committee will then board the vessel and the radiation level of the cargo will be measured. If the radiation level is considered to be acceptable, discharge will be permitted.

Cargoes of fish and dairy products imported from North and South Korea, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong will be subject to particular scrutiny to ensure they are fit for human consumption. Samples will be taken to Government laboratories for radiation analysis. If found to be in satisfactory condition the products will be accepted for discharge thereafter.

When a cargo is found to have an unacceptable level of radiation, discharge will not be permitted.

Members requiring further guidance should contact the Loss Prevention department.