Loss Prevention 15 Feb, 2023

China – Shanghai MSA issue changes to vessel traffic management in Changjiangkou

Shanghai MSA has issued a notice to improve vessel traffic management in Changjiangkou (CJK) and its adjacent waters, which came into force on 01 February 2023 and will be valid until 31 January 2026.

A PRC P&I correspondent, Shanghai P&I Services, has produced a circular on their interpretation of the changes made by Shanghai MSA.

The change is due to the entry to the Yangtze River and Shanghai port and the CJK waters has more than 1,000 vessels navigating north and south along the coast. Due to the problematic navigational situations experienced within the CJK waters, Shanghai MSA has made amendments to the ship routing system and Traffic Separation Scheme (TSS) by including both North / South and East / West traffic lanes. These amendments will help improve traffic flow and reduce the risk of vessel collisions.

There are now two precautionary areas, A and B of the TSS, which the Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) will monitor to further assist the mariner when navigating through these waters.


When producing their vessel’s passage plan, the voyage planning officer must follow the amendments made by Shanghai MSA. Furthermore, irrespective of these amendments, full compliance with the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREGS) 1972 must be adhered to throughout the passage, with due regard of the numerous fishing vessels and fishing nets they can encounter within the CJK waters.

Those vessels that are required to anchor within the CJK waters shall not do so within the diversion waters and must report to VTS immediately when they need to let go of their anchor in an emergency.

Members requiring further guidance should contact the Loss Prevention Department.