Loss Prevention 14 Feb, 2023

Georgia - Drifting Sea Mines Reported off the Batumi Shoreline (Black Sea)

Dean Crossley
Dean Crossley
Loss Prevention Manager

The Club's local Correspondent, Geomar Maritime Consultants & Surveyors LLC, has reported that there has been a series of explosions observed along the shoreline of Batumi.

These explosions reportedly caused by drifting sea mines had occurred within three nautical miles of the breakwater and anchorage of the port of Batumi. Regionally there has been very stormy weather condition and rough sea conditions experienced, which might be an attributing factor to the displacement and travelling of the sea mines toward the coastline.

Furthermore, the inclement weather conditions are hampering the ability of the Georgian Navy to mobilise assets to start sea mine search and elimination operations.

The events have prompted the Hydrographic Service of Georgia to issue № CIRCULAR/04/1 on 13 February 2023, which instructs that vessels must navigate with extreme caution within the area.

A free English translation of CIRCULAR/04/1 can be found here.

Members requiring further guidance should contact the Loss Prevention Department.