News 09 Feb, 2023

Türkiye – Regional Disruptions to Shipping and Ports following the Devastating Earthquake

Dean Crossley
Dean Crossley
Loss Prevention Manager

The tragic events that have unfolded in the southern provinces of Turkey following the experience of the major earthquakes have expectedly resulted in significant disruptions to and the destruction of the local infrastructure and supporting networks.

Regional ports have not only sustained physical infrastructure damage causing their closures. We would also expect them to suffer the consequences of being subject to workforce and equipment shortages, as currently, all resources are focused on rescue and recovery operations within civilian areas. The regional disruptions to normal port operations will last for many months following the preliminary statements from the Government. Furthermore, we anticipated that when these regional ports reopen, priority will be given to inbound traffic with humanitarian aid and supplies for the emergency and rebuilding of local infrastructure.

Another consideration due to the disruption to southern provinces' ports is that ports within other unaffected parts of the country may become busier than average from the diversion of commercial maritime traffic scheduled to the area.

We highly recommend that any Member planning to call at or are in transit towards ports in Türkiye is to contact their local protective agency to obtain the last information on the situation and status of maritime operations. Furthermore, the Members can utilise the Club’s local correspondents’ network to provide any assistance and information required.

Members requiring further assistance should contact the Loss Prevention Department.