News 10 Nov, 2014

Fraudulent cargo fixtures in Algeria

A Member recently encountered a fraud for a substantial sum in Algeria. They fixed a contract with charterers for the carriage of a cargo of phosphate and boilers loading at Oran, Algeria under “Liner In” terms. But after making payments of US$100,000 in advance for stevedore and berthing costs, they were no longer able to reach the charterer’s designated local agent - Messrs. SUTCU Shipping & Logistics Ltd.

The Club’s local correspondent in Algeria has advised that the Member is unfortunately a victim of fraudsters, who are not located in Algeria but in Turkey.  It is therefore not possible to report the fraud to the local police since the agents do not in fact exist in Algeria and payment was made into a bank account in Turkey.  

According to the correspondent similar incidents have been encountered in Algeria since 2011 and Members are consequently advised to be vigilant when offered such shipments out of Algerian ports.