News 31 Jan, 2017

Fujairah - New Regulation for Disembarking Sick/Injured Crew


A new regulation has recently come into force in Fujairah which may result in vessels being delayed where they have to land sick or injured crewmembers for medical attention. As a circular from the Fujairah Port Authority (Fujairah: Ballanj Disembarking Advisory) makes clear, the vessel must wait until either the crew member returns on board or is repatriated home before being allowed to sail.

The Club’s local correspondents understand that the reason behind this move is that “apparently there are some difficulties in obtaining visa for the crew members once they are disembarked on medical grounds. Reportedly there have been instances of disembarked crew members getting stuck for an inordinate period due to visa issues.”

The correspondents are in discussions with the Port Authority and further updates will be provided in due course. In the meantime it is recommended that, where possible, sick or injured crew are landed at alternative ports like Dubai for medical attention to avoid any delays to the vessel.

NB: Dubai-based lawyers Fitch & Co have been able to obtain some further details on this new regulation from the Fujairah Port Authority and their advice can be found here Fujairah: Port Disembarking Advisory. We are grateful to Fitch & Co for their permission to use this information.