News 15 Jan, 2020

Greece - Increase in pollution fines

Ian Clarke
Ian Clarke
CEO (Hellas)

New legislation in Greece has been implemented which imposes significant increases in administrative fines for pollution. The increases are substantial.

· In everyday pollution situations, i.e. those that are not deemed to cause a serious detrimental effect to the marine environment, the maximum fine amounts to Euros 100,000; an increase from Euros 60,000.

· In cases of serious pollution, the maximum fine has increased from Euros 1.2m to Euros 2m.

· In the special case where pollution is caused deliberately to benefit the interests of a company or other legal entity, on top of the fine imposed on the persons responsible, an additional fine of up to Euros 800,000 is imposable on the company or other legal entity. This was previously Euros 500,000.

These fines also apply to pollution caused by substances other than oil.

We are grateful to Antonis Koutosfios of Piraeus law firm Goyios & Nassikas for this advisory.

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