News 13 Feb, 2012

Intercargo Guide for the Safe Loading of Nickel Ore

The sinking of “Vinalines Queen” in December 2011 while on passage from Morowali, Indonesia to Ningde, China was a tragic reminder of the risks associated with the carriage of nickel ore. Within the space of 14 months, 4 vessels and 66 lives have been lost.

In addition to the discussions being held at IMO and the action taken by the International Group of P&I Clubs, the International Association of Dry Cargo Shipowners (Intercargo) has produced a useful Guide for the Safe Loading of Nickel Ore. The Guide aims to help masters, ship operators and other industry stakeholders understand the problems and apply the necessary safeguards.

Members are reminded that they are required to contact the Managers when planning to fix or charter a vessel to load nickel ore so that arrangements can be made to appoint a local surveyor and send cargo samples to an independent laboratory for testing. Members should also use their best endeavours to ensure that that express terms are included within the charter party, contract of affreightment or other contract (as applicable) in order to safeguard their position. Full details can be found in Notice to Members No.23 2010/2011 “Dangers of Carrying Nickel Ore from Indonesia, New Caledonia and the Philippines”.

Members requiring further advice should contact the Loss Prevention department.