News 29 Jul, 2022

Ukraine Conflict - EU 6th sanctions package - amended Notice to Members

Tony Paulson
Tony Paulson
Head of Asia & Corporate Director

Notice to Members No.6 2022/2023 was issued on 1 July 2022 advising Members of the EU’s sixth package of sanctions against Russia. A copy can be found here.  

On 21 July 2022 the European Union published a Maintenance and Alignment Package. The package included amendments to Regulation (EU) No. 833/2014 which amongst other things clarified the circumstances in which the exceptions contained in Article 5 (aa) (3) may apply, which concern the ability to undertake transactions with certain state-owned enterprises listed in an annex to the Regulation. These are particularly relevant with regard to the carriage of Russian oil.

The wording of Notice to Members No.6 2022/2023 has been amended to reflect these changes and a copy of the revised Notice can be found here.

A copy of the Official Journal of the EU 21 July 2022 publishing the changes (see page 15 in particular) can be found here.

Members with any questions on this or any other sanctions matters are encouraged to contact the Managers.