News 28 Jul, 2023

Tunisia – Major Fire Incident at Port of Bizerte Renders Crucial Bridge Immovable (Update)

Dean Crossley
Dean Crossley
Loss Prevention Manager

Following the major fire incident at the Port of Bizerte, the bridge has been reopened for pedestrians and vehicles. However, it remains inoperative for marine operations, causing ongoing disruptions to vessel traffic in the inner harbour area.

The impact of this situation is particularly affecting the berths of dry cargoes and multipurpose terminals, as well as the CMR Tunisia Shipyard. Consequently, vessels that typically use these facilities are currently unable to dock or depart until the issue is resolved.

Fortunately, the STIR petroleum terminal has been completely unaffected by the incident. Thanks to its location in the outer harbour, the terminal is situated far away from the affected bridge, shielding it from any adverse effects.

As a result, tankers calling at the STIR terminal can continue their operations without interruption, and ships can safely berth and sail at the terminal as usual.

The authorities at the Port of Bizerte are actively working to rectify the situation and restore full functionality to the bridge to resolve the disruptions to vessel traffic in the affected harbour area.