Loss Prevention 26 Jul, 2023

Tunisia - Major Fire Incident at Port of Bizerte Renders Crucial Bridge Immovable

An unfortunate incident has taken place at the port of Bizerte, where the bridge spanning the Canal de Bizerte has caught fire in its engine compartment, rendering it immobile. The cause of the fire remains unknown, and authorities, along with port officials, are currently evaluating the situation and formulating a recovery plan.

Due to the fire in the bridge's engine compartment, all port activities have been temporarily suspended, as incoming and outgoing vessels cannot navigate through the port. Local authorities are diligently working to resolve the situation and are conducting an investigation into the possible technical malfunctions that might have caused the fire.

The extent of the damage to the bridge is still uncertain, and there is no clear timeline for the completion of repairs. The bridge at Bizerte is a critical part of the port's infrastructure, facilitating the movement of vessels between the inner port area and the open sea. Its current unavailability may have significant implications for maritime traffic movements.

For Members with vessels scheduled to call at the port of Bizerte, we recommend contacting your local protective agent to stay updated on the situation and understand how this incident might impact your vessel operations.

Members requiring further guidance should contact the Loss Prevention Department.