Loss Prevention 17 Jun, 2022

Neptune - Bunker Info tab updates

Dmitry Kisil
Dmitry Kisil
Senior Loss Prevention Officer

The latest bunker quality data has been uploaded to Neptune.

An update from MPA Singapore on Fuel Oil quality control measures suggests that the crisis when HFO was found contaminated by organic chlorides has been curtailed.

In May-June residual fuel grades bunkered in Singapore have not been problematic overall. Technical parameters of HFO, such as Flash point or Carbon residue, were found off spec in 4.7% of cases. VLSFO was off spec on H2O content in 3.3% of the tested samples. However, MGO failed on Pour point quite frequently, and it is worth keeping an eye on this parameter when ordering distillate fuel grades.

The bunker analysis data service is powered by VPS. Please check online the world’s top ten bunkering ports. For more stats from West’s bunker quality advisory service, please contact Loss Prevention Department.