News 16 Jun, 2022

Poster display TV Giveaway - Can you spot the differences?

Simon Hodgkinson
Simon Hodgkinson
Global Head of Loss Prevention

Our Loss Prevention department has put together a wide array of health and safety related posters for Members use. Individual posters can take up lots of room, it's therefore a good idea to display them via a TV in a public space for the maximum amount of eyes. To help with this, we will be giving away six TV’s to help our Members get started.

Our suggestion is to install a TV or monitor (that’s capable of reading USB’s) to a bulkhead in a public space. For maximum exposure to the crew, the TV or monitor should be located in a recreational area or messroom.

Why display them digitally?

  • Reduced amount of printing

  • Less space taken up (due to the posters all being in one place)

  • Easily updatable

  • Vessels can add their own posters

  • Easy to send to ships


The posters can either be downloaded from our website or sent directly via USB.

How to win your free TV!

To get our Members off to a flying start we will be giving them the opportunity to win one of six TV’s, including a wall bracket that will allow it to be installed on one of their ships.

Can you spot the differences?

Once you’ve found all eight (yes eight) differences, email your replies to Competitions@westpandi.com and you’ll be added to the prize draw.

The contest will close on the 15th July with winners selected on the 21st July.