News 23 Jun, 2023

“The devil is in the details” says Ian Clarke, Head of Claims and Regional Director, Hellas

Ian Clarke speaks at the 1st CSN Marine Insurance Conferences in Limassol and Piraeus. 

Industry insurers, owners and regulators met on the 11th May 2023, in Limassol for the inaugural CSN Cyprus Marine Insurance Conference, ‘The Financial and Legal Challenges of a 3 year cycl(on)e’.

Named in reference to all the recent challenges the Marine Insurance industry has been facing, such as the lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, sanctions, natural catastrophes, in addition to regulatory and inflationary developments.

Ian Clarke joined a panel, discussing the market response to the implications of the Russia/Ukraine war. The panel had some very interesting insights and discussions, covering topics such as the industry’s perception of War Risks, and the consequences of not understanding legislation properly. 

You can watch the full discussion here.

The event was later repeated for the Greek market in Piraeus on 16th May 2023. 

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